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Image of author Elizabeth Frame facing away from the camera looking at Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

Adventure is out there — and I’m here to help you find it.

My name is Elizabeth, and I love to travel. As a kid, I never went anywhere that couldn’t be reached by car. Even when I decided to attend a university across the country, my family drove. We were not the jet-set type of family.

I got my first taste of international travel at 21 – I joined a school spring break trip to Italy. It was my first time experiencing a new culture, meeting people from around the world, and seeing places that took my breath away – after, my desire to travel was insatiable.

Since graduating college, I have been to 18 countries and 4 different continents. I am particularly fond of locations with ancient ruins – such as Rome, Athens, and Machu Picchu – and seeing the capabilities of mankind throughout history.

If you think of a style of travel, I’ve done it. I have traveled with family, friends, boyfriends, group travel, and solo. I have slept in beautiful hotels, endearing Airbnbs, and cheap hostels. The adventures have been endless, but I have learned many lessons along the way.

So, I am starting this blog to share the lessons learned and knowledge gained with all of you.

I will share city guides, recommendations, and stories from my travel adventures. I want to inspire you to check that dream destination on your bucket list, leap into a solo trek, or explore a little more of your own backyard.

In the meantime, keep exploring. And if there’s any subject you want to know more about, please drop me a comment. I’ll see how I can help.


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